Free Server Performance Monitoring

oVirt / RedHat Virtualization (RHV) monitoring

It will be released in coming 6.00.
Beta testers are welcome, contact us at

Implementation is agent less.
Data source is ovirt_engine_history database which is part of Data Warehouse on oVirt/RHV Data Center server.
Tool accesses the ovirt_engine_history database remotely via its SQL API.

oVirt-RHV monitoring schema

Monitored components

  • Cluster
  • Host
  • VM
  • Storage Domain

Monitored metrics

  • CPU
  • Memory utilization
  • LAN throughput MB/sec
  • Storage space GB
  • Storage throughput MB/sec
  • Storage latency

Feature matrix





Cluster yes yes yes
Host yes yes yes
VM yes yes yes


Coming soon ...