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LPAR2RRD server download

Each server package is able to monitor all supported virtualization technologies. (VMware and IBM Power Systems actually)

File Name Mirror Package Type OS Size Meta Note
lpar2rrd-7.10-1.tar sourceforge tar Linux / Unix 5.7 MB Install, Upgrade
md5sum: f4e63f8125309defa53c558f1b23f0cb
sha1sum: 58ed8e10d363c0d96cdca9a418d4e7e340cd100e sourceforge VMware Linux 1287 MB XorMon 1.0.0-1 & LPAR2RRD 7.10 & STOR2RRD 7.10
md5sum: 722bf06ab62eb8ce07ecaf024597de09
sha1sum: bb73c270d52e2804454098b3f89e7d8fc8ce4103 sourceforge Hyper-V Linux 1588 MB XorMon 1.0.0-1 & LPAR2RRD 7.10 & STOR2RRD 7.10
md5sum: 84fdf687ce248bf219772ca4511af281
sha1sum: cab57123ab134b3cbfd03ebd486b9a4a33b25dcf
Docker Docker Linux / Cloud

LPAR2RRD OS agent download

File Name Mirror Package Type OS Size Meta Note
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-4.ppc.rpm sourceforge RPM AIX, VIOS 61 kB OS agent
md5sum: 5c92b22cbe7dc5f02ee785e5d8781022
sha1sum: e628037d55c9dfd9f50492319ecb7237e31735eb
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-4.noarch.rpm sourceforge RPM Any Linux 61 kB OS agent
md5sum: f6d2251bffdfaf656ebd4d47879158c7
sha1sum: a744bb6e378b49e46d33edba8a50249a108de1d7
lpar2rrd-agent_7.00-4_all.deb sourceforge DEB Debian, Ubuntu, Mint 45 kB OS agent
md5sum: 2d4e8947437e3b875cacec5f6a038dee
sha1sum: 525baaeef11e0782879434ed17965c863a5480b1
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-4.solaris-i86pc.tar sourceforge pkg Oracle Solaris x86 240 kB Oracle Solaris OS agent
md5sum: 7808ba4cb6bc393e3a65e8f6c69a207e
sha1sum: 709a940bdfd184e58694cb0ec17ee491fdd42fb7
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-4.solaris-sparc.tar sourceforge pkg Oracle Solaris Sparc 240 kB Oracle Solaris OS agent
md5sum: 843f3a8ded7352465974a89cadaa8cd8
sha1sum: 232469f7cf34104dbde5ae2447b88e866b880069 sourceforge SAVF IBM i (AS/400) 0.9 MB IBM i OS agent
md5sum: 30be2366b390e5ad2027307cd4bcc084
sha1sum: 651c739967703cbe439f790029e3bf21ff82d908 sourceforge ZIP MS Windows 29 kB Hyper-V OS agent
md5sum: 4f8d2b234d1faa36b939f8502439ae8a
sha1sum: 12f3355e948fa4ac6fb52e52235c818c03323af3

LPAR2RRD is an Open Source software

LPAR2RRD is published as an open source software under the General Public License version 3. You can download and use it as much as you want free of charge. All use of our software is at your own risk as stated in the GPLv3. While we do our best to make the world's best monitoring software, XORUX company does not provide any guarantees and cannot be hold liable for any issues you may encounter.

XORUX does provide just limited support services if you run into troubles while using LPAR2RRD. Support and guarantees are available on commercial terms from XORUX or our partners. There are also many resources you can use to learn LPAR2RRD and support yourself or get peer support online.