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LPAR2RRD server download

Each server package is able to monitor all supported virtualization technologies. (VMware and IBM Power Systems actually)

File Name Mirror Package Type OS Size Meta Note
lpar2rrd-7.40.tar sourceforge tar Linux / Unix 12.0 MB Install, Upgrade
md5sum: 35efaee413d38961a14f4c89e9b1095d
sha1sum: a4ff21dec807a17d1f869a637ece03b00855e9bc sourceforge VMware Linux 1936 MB XorMon 1.0.4-1 & LPAR2RRD 7.40 & STOR2RRD 7.40
md5sum: b15f83d9678689d7261523c09cc64990
sha1sum: aadf972bddd6d9e3d53c295f777fda29985511d1 sourceforge Hyper-V Linux 1673 MB XorMon 1.0.4-1 & LPAR2RRD 7.40 & STOR2RRD 7.40
md5sum: 381d3a36d1c1b48f6304976db2c58774
sha1sum: e436087fc14e03ea453418e58409fb666b4de464
Docker Docker Linux / Cloud

LPAR2RRD OS agent download

File Name Mirror Package Type OS Size Meta Note
lpar2rrd-agent-7.40-2.ppc.rpm sourceforge RPM AIX, VIOS 71 kB OS agent
md5sum: 5c3721c84348b4166ce9c6b1172ccf7a
sha1sum: a5a28a64489ef281cba5d0ae492088a12dc249cb
lpar2rrd-agent-7.40-0.noarch.rpm sourceforge RPM Any Linux 71 kB OS agent
md5sum: baeeb31a32e08b67a4cda1b9b3b2b40d
sha1sum: 41aa939821d82ca2b39343f6ef7f42f9ca67eb6f
lpar2rrd-agent_7.40-0_all.deb sourceforge DEB Debian, Ubuntu, Mint 53 kB OS agent
md5sum: 04eaf208c2b10b19e3121c90d8f369d7
sha1sum: 6857d2f9d80f955cc3ae701116f01803835df034
lpar2rrd-agent-7.40-0.solaris-i86pc.tar sourceforge pkg Oracle Solaris x86 275 kB Oracle Solaris OS agent
md5sum: 93482d16c8c0309db57a496a77b891a7
sha1sum: 16f51c5eec7e91dc4be2ee123c37277304e03ebe
lpar2rrd-agent-7.40-0.solaris-sparc.tar sourceforge pkg Oracle Solaris Sparc 275 kB Oracle Solaris OS agent
md5sum: 93ba2c1e4e51da1ffd3ebc46793a0a09
sha1sum: 99226a38a765651d3964469dc3d4cabe35e20f22 sourceforge SAVF IBM i (AS/400) 0.9 MB IBM i OS agent
md5sum: 26c425068accfa7bdea43ef85d7187ae
sha1sum: 53abd92eb759e1d140abf156f8674f9f7bfab2b4 sourceforge ZIP MS Windows 33 kB Windows / Hyper-V OS agent
md5sum: f87251fa607865b52c5ce44e8324c0ce
sha1sum: c5e647567b8025f25002aa55fb62366521939573

LPAR2RRD is an Open Source software

LPAR2RRD is published as an open source software under the General Public License version 3. You can download and use it as much as you want free of charge. All use of our software is at your own risk as stated in the GPLv3. While we do our best to make the world's best monitoring software, XORUX company does not provide any guarantees and cannot be hold liable for any issues you may encounter.

XORUX does provide just limited support services if you run into troubles while using LPAR2RRD. Support and guarantees are available on commercial terms from XORUX or our partners. There are also many resources you can use to learn LPAR2RRD and support yourself or get peer support online.