LPAR2RRD server download

Each server package is able to monitor all supported virtualization technologies. (VMware and IBM Power Systems actually)

File Name Mirror Package Type OS Size Meta Note
lpar2rrd-7.00.tar sourceforge tar Linux / Unix 5.4 MB Install, Upgrade
md5sum: f74e82a8318d7fd174be48e70b53e2f3
sha1sum: e3acc9b2194a988b03239b2322fffe252f9ab211 sourceforge VMware Linux 1180 MB LPAR2RRD 7.00 & STOR2RRD 7.00
md5sum: 4063d3e83fe762d69143fcc0b74692f0
sha1sum: e1acc428bfe22c1e0a24a3da9d888c25261f1577 sourceforge Hyper-V Linux 1222 MB LPAR2RRD 7.00 & STOR2RRD 7.00
md5sum: c462197d160184bf9df7e581ed5d34df
sha1sum: 7ee86adb385f6c10f1605ea8229bf568f1c0a54d
Docker Docker Linux / Cloud

LPAR2RRD OS agent download

File Name Mirror Package Type OS Size Meta Note
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-0.ppc.rpm sourceforge RPM AIX, VIOS 61 kB OS agent
md5sum: 59caf6934f37e28351ce4b11365d9d93
sha1sum: af49c21feb611b2c4caa7358534d260383fff303
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-0.noarch.rpm sourceforge RPM Any Linux 61 kB OS agent
md5sum: f07f8ebed2b05753a0293ee44bc74782
sha1sum: 0a922aae5afc6e1890f1f11208b01ea28f24cc66
lpar2rrd-agent_7.00-0_all.deb sourceforge DEB Debian, Ubuntu, Mint 45 kB OS agent
md5sum: dfee4fa0692edd2fb1be05e0aa9a358e
sha1sum: f8ecd86ebc5f95001b1143a7e3380209905adef3
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-0.solaris-i86pc.tar sourceforge pkg Oracle Solaris x86 240 kB Oracle Solaris OS agent
md5sum: 77aaeaaa2d94080168a5edc0344e8b48
sha1sum: b5a951e908f304711ff45b7a27aec79b2f11195e
lpar2rrd-agent-7.00-0.solaris-sparc.tar sourceforge pkg Oracle Solaris Sparc 240 kB Oracle Solaris OS agent
md5sum: 810ab3872f1ae4d39a5adf7dbc6ab232
sha1sum: f90302ca536252644bcc74a599e046d6c0fdc640 sourceforge SAVF IBM i (AS/400) 0.9 MB IBM i OS agent
md5sum: 30be2366b390e5ad2027307cd4bcc084
sha1sum: 651c739967703cbe439f790029e3bf21ff82d908 sourceforge ZIP MS Windows 18 kB Hyper-V OS agent
md5sum: 051a927c071e5ac8041acf46e1b796b0
sha1sum: ca5856aa4fcb9089a49d6e393925a860acfca919

LPAR2RRD is an Open Source software

LPAR2RRD is published as an open source software under the General Public License version 3. You can download and use it as much as you want free of charge. All use of our software is at your own risk as stated in the GPLv3. While we do our best to make the world's best monitoring software, XORUX company does not provide any guarantees and cannot be hold liable for any issues you may encounter.

XORUX does provide just limited support services if you run into troubles while using LPAR2RRD. Support and guarantees are available on commercial terms from XORUX or our partners. There are also many resources you can use to learn LPAR2RRD and support yourself or get peer support online.