Free performance monitoring for VMware™ and IBM Power Systems™

Our vision

We want to bring on the market simple but powerful products which simplify administration.
Philosophy of our tools is:
  • To provide information which an administrator is looking for in 2 or 3 clicks
  • To keep our tools running with minimal administration effort
    They are here to make your live easier not for bring you more work!
We do not intend to compete to big complex tools which do "everything". They still can be used as the second level admin tools where required details can be found.
Our tools should be act as the first level tools where administrators go when they are looking for particular information or for quick problem identification.

Development, support and sales

The product is being developed and supported by company XORUX.

Product history

The product development started in January 2007 when the author was looking for something what shows CPU utilization of IBM Power Systems™ servers in virtual environment and found nothing usable.
So the only option appeared to be developing something what helps him in that particular area and make his live as an IBM Power Systems™ admin easier.
After a few weeks there an initial version has been ready and then placed on IBM developerWorks for free download to anyone.
During years the product has been enhancing and it has became well known and popular within IBM Power Systems™ community. Development and support has been still sponsored only by the author via work in his free time.
Finally in mid of 2011 a decision has been taken to offer paid support. This has lead to accelerating further product development by making development financially independent.
Since then a lot of new features like CPU Workload Estimator, Resource Configuration Advisor and many others have been implemented.
Another milestone has been release of STOR2RRD which is free storage performance monitoring, that was in May 2013. It has the same philosophy and use similar technologies like LPAR2RRD.