Free Performance Monitoring for VMware™ and IBM Power Systems™

LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD Virtual Appliance configuration

LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD Virtual Appliance is a VMware image for fast start or for product evaluation purposes.
It contains installed and configured LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD products with all their prerequisites.
It is distributed in OVF format easilly importable in your VMware infrastructure

Install the image

  1. Deploy our image as OVF template
  2. Start up the VM
  3. Open the console, it will print out the IP acuquired by DHCP once it is up
  4. Open: http://<appliance IP>/

LPAR2RRD VMware edition configuration

  1. Follow VMware UI based link under "Initial configuration" section
  2. Authorize yourself: user "monitor", password is in the pdf document distributed together with the image
  3. It directs you into VMware configuration form
  4. Create preferable lpar2rrd user on a vCenter with read-only role
  5. Use button Create new credetials: vCenter alias, IP, user name and password of a user (lpar2rrd) on vCenter
  6. Test credentials (note you must have allowed communication to port 443 on the vCenter)
  7. Use button run data load
  8. Wait a few minutes and refresh the UI (Ctrl-F5), you should see vCenter data

LPAR2RRD IBM Power Systems edition configuration

  1. Follow instructions on HMC tab
  2. Follow instructions on LPAR2RRD tab except the product installation
  3. Follow instructions on OS agent tab for OS agent feature activation