Licensing of LPAR2RRD IBM i OS agent

Supported version

LPAR2RRD IBM i OS agent is released under GNU General Public License for users under support.
Support details.

Free version

LPAR2RRD IBM i OS agent is free software. You can freely use it without any functional restrictions.
You have to accept license agreement every year to make it work for next year.

Accepting license agreement
Log to your IBM i server and:
  Select: 14 Accept Software Licensing Agreement ➞ scroll down ➞ F14 Accept
  OK:CL_ACCEPT Expiration date of this client is 2017-06-25
You can see expiration dates of all agents in the LPAR2RRD UI ➞ menu ➞ LPAR2RRD ➞ Data check ➞ IBM i license

License text download