Favourites feature allows you choice typically most important or most often viewed CPU pools or lpars and place them into separated menu for quick access.
You can assign them aliases which then appear under "favourites" menu. Each "favourit" can point only to one specific already existing page with CPU pool or a LPAR detail.
Note that Custom Groups cannot be used as favourites
Favourites support LPM. There can be found a LPM section under each "favourited" LPAR which has ever act in any LPM migration. This is a benefit of the enterprise edition of LPAR2RRD.

How to start?

  • Create configuration file
    (upgrade process creates configuration file automatically, so you might skip this)
    $ cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    $ ./scripts/update_cfg_favourites.sh
    it creates this configuration file: ./etc/favourites.cfg
  • edit ./etc/favourites.cfg and assign lpars or pools to your favourite names
  • when you want to refresh list of servers/pools/lpars within favourites.cfg then just run again:
    $ ./scripts/update_cfg_favourites.sh
  • Web will be updated with new configuration after next scheduled LPAR2RRD run, NOT directly after changing the config file!
You can try this functionality on LPAR2RRD live demo

Configuration example

Below you see 1 server called p710, with its pool, 2 other CPU pools (demo and develop), 2 lpars (Linux1 and VIOS) and all lpars aggregated directive (lpars_aggregated)

p710 pool will be visible under "favourites" menu as "p710 frame"
Lpars aggregated as "p710 aggregated"
demo pool as "p710 demo pool"
VIOS as "p710 VIOS"

# [POOL|LPAR]:server:[lpar_name|pool_name]:your_favourite_name

POOL:p710:all_pools:p710 frame
LPAR:p710:lpars_aggregated:p710 aggregated
POOL:p710:demo:p710 demo pool
LPAR:p710:VIOS:p710 VIOS

There is no restriction for names of "favorite" aliases.
If you need to update the config file about new servers/pools/lpars then simply run this script
$ ./scripts/update_cfg_favourites.sh
It keeps actual setup and appends there newly found servers/pools/lpars

Known issues
  • Bug coming with 3.30 - 3.33: new lpars and pool names have suffix .rrm or .rrh in favourites.cfg. Fix:
    $ cd $LPAR2RRD_HOME$
    $ ed etc/favourites.cfg << EOF