OS agent Unix/Linux upgrade

Note: Always upgrade at first the LPAR2RRD server, then the OS agents.

Get the latest OS agent from download page.
Use freely available version of the OS agent even if you are a customer using LPAR2RRD enterprise edition.
  • AIX 5.1+
    rpm -Uvh lpar2rrd-agent-7.20-0.ppc.rpm
  • Linux on Power
    rpm -Uvh lpar2rrd-agent-7.20-0.noarch.rpm 
  • Linux x86
    Due to a bug in rpm upgrade script in versions 6.11 - 7.20, do not upgrade directly, at first remove it, then install it
    rpm -qa| grep lpar2rrd-agent
    rpm -e lpar2rrd-agent-6.21-0.noarch
    rpm -i lpar2rrd-agent-7.20-0.noarch.rpm 
  • Solaris
    gunzip lpar2rrd-agent-7.20-0.solaris-i86pc.tar.gz
    tar xf lpar2rrd-agent-7.20-0.solaris-i86pc.tar
    pkgrm lpar2rrd-agent
    pkgadd -d .
      The following packages are available:
      1  lpar2rrd-agent     LPAR2RRD OS agent 7.20