Upgrade: command line

  • install a new version via update.sh script

    # su - lpar2rrd (if the tool is running under lpar2rrd user)
    $ tar xvf lpar2rrd-7.XX.tar
    $ cd lpar2rrd-7.XX
    $ sh ./update.sh
  • Build a new UI

    $ cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    $ ./load.sh | tee logs/load.out-initial
  • Once it finishes go to the UI, reload it by Ctrl-F5

  • If there is a problem with loading of the UI then try to use following to avoid browser caching issues.
    • use other WEB browser
    • close/open the WEB browser

  • Deploy the OS agents when you use that feature. Details
    Always deploy OS agents after the LPAR2RRD server upgrade.

Docker upgrade: command line

You can naturaly upgrade by standard container redeploy what is more convenient.
This is methond is intended for upgrade to the Enterprise edition or to a version which is not available in Docker repository
  • Copy the the package into Docker container:
    docker cp lpar2rrd-7.51-XY.tar LPAR2RRD:/tmp
  • Go to the contaiener:
    docker exec -ti LPAR2RRD bash
  • Upgrade as per above "Upgrade : command line"