Fibre Channel port errors

The tools collects and presents errors on fibre channel adapters via the OS agent.
So far only AIX operating system is supported, Linux support comes in further releases.
Note AIX NPIV FC adapters do not provide error statistics, therefore nothing is presented for them.

The example from a system without any errors, it is zero how it should be when no errors:

Total: all FC adapters on a single server (all its LPARs)

Single LPAR

Implementation notes

These errors are captured:
$ fcstat fcs0


 LIP Count: 0               
 NOS Count: 0               
 Error Frames:  0               
 Dumped Frames: 0               
 Link Failure Count: 0               
 Loss of Sync Count: 4               
 Loss of Signal: 0               
 Primitive Seq Protocol Error Count: 0               
 Invalid Tx Word Count: 15              
 Invalid CRC Count: 0               

We do not save each particular error into the database, we count all errors into single number which is saved and presented.
When you see that errors are increasing in the graph, then is up to the administrator to check the operating system and via "fcstat" cmd figure out which kind of error happens.