Memory support in LPAR2RRD (IBM Power Systems)

LPAR2RRD supports Active Memory Sharing (AMS) feature. It graphs AMS usage if this feature is active.
Note that AMS is not supported via HMC REST API access.
Memory utilization can be obtained through the OS agent

Type of memory graphs in LPAR2RRD

Active Memory Sharing

Active Memory Sharing example
Aggregated graph of all lpars under memory pool available from item "Memory pool - AMS" under main menu.

Active Memory Sharing individual example
Individual AMS graph for each partition which use memory pool. It can be found on each LPAR detail page under CPU statistics.

Memory allocation

Totalm aggregated memory
Global view with total physical memory size, total memory assigned to partitions, free memory and firmware (hypervisor) memory.

Total aggregated memory
Aggregated graph with memory allocation of all partitions. Note that for AMS based systems total memory assigned to all partitions can be higher than actual physical amount of memory in the server itself how you can see it on the example.
This can be found under item "Memory - static aggregated" in main menu.

Memory utilization

Single LPAR
Single LPAR memory utilization graph based on data from the OS agent.

LPARs in a custom group
Aggregated memory utilization graph based on OS agent data as a Custom group