IBM Db2 Monitoring

LPAR2RRD obtains data through the ODBC protocol.
LPAR2RRD requires a database user with the following permissions to collect monitoring data:
  • Connect
  • Execute on SYSPROC.* functions and procedures
  • Select on table SYSIBMADM.DB2_MEMBER

IBM Db2 monitoring schema

Collected Metrics

Subsystem Metric Database Member
Health Status yes
Configuration Main yes
Size yes
Members yes
Agents Agents max yes yes
Pooled yes yes
Associated yes yes
Coordinated yes yes
Registered yes yes
Idle yes yes
Stolen yes yes
Locks Held yes yes
Waiting yes yes
Escals yes yes
Timeouts yes yes
Deadlocks yes yes
IO Logical yes yes
Physical yes yes
Direct yes yes
Latency Direct yes yes
Pool yes yes
Log yes yes
Session Max conns yes yes
Conns/s yes yes
Secondary conns/s yes yes
Current conns yes yes
Rows Total yes yes
Internal yes yes
Network yes yes
Network Remote yes yes
Local yes yes
FCM yes yes
SQL query Cache inserts yes yes
Cache lookups yes yes
Commits yes yes
Rollbacks yes yes
Waits Total yes yes
IO yes yes
Network yes yes
Ratio Buffer hit yes yes
CPU time yes yes
Log hit yes yes

You can see implementation on Free Demo


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