Resource Configuration Advisor

Memory example : last day
Resource Configuration Adviser - memory
More examples on demo site.
CPU example : last week
Resource Configuration Adviser - CPU

The aim of that functionality is automatic verification of CPU/memory/IO logical setup of all your LPARs/VMs and CPU pools based on historical utilization data.
It is something what points you to potential problems in configuration setup and advises you changes which should increase performance of the HW and logical partitions running there.
Recommendations are based on our best practice and documents like Nigel's presentation.
Feel free to let us know your point. We are open to further "work" on recommendations to help users in verification of their CPU setup.
Consider it as an "advisor" only which does its job based on predefined logic which does not have to fit to all situations.
At the end the administrator have to decide what is really wrong and take appropriate action. It shows you all support data for the right decision.

How it works

It is batch job which runs once a day (and after the upgrade) and collects average and peak CPU/memory and IO utilization of all LPARs/VMs and CPU pools.
There are not listed all LPARs/VMs and CPU pools in your environment, only these which could have potential problem with their resource setup.

Then the script does calculations and suggests resource changes.

It does everything 3 times for different time periods:
  • Last day
  • Last week (without last day)
  • Last month (without last week)
What is what in the CPU table
  • Max: Maximal CPU peak in given time period
  • Avg: Average CPU load in given time period
  • Ent:
    • LPAR/VM: configured CPU entitlement
    • CPU pool: configured reserved CPU pool units
  • VP:
    • LPAR/VM: configured Virtual (Logical) Processors
    • CPU pool: configured CPU cores in the pool
  • VP:Ent: Virtual processor / Entitlement ratio
  • Max:Ent: Maximal CPU peak in given period / Entitlement ratio
  • Avg:Ent: Average CPU load in given period / Entitlement ratio


It lists all LPARs/VMs and CPU pools which reached its entitlement for given time period and suggest changes in last two columns (Entitled and Virtual processor) Suggested changes are colored based on their importance.

notednote for saving of unnecessary resources
recommendedthis change could bring some speed up
strongly recommendedthis change probably brings speed up
a mustthis change definitely brings speed up

Example you can find on Live demo.