Product migration to other server

When you want to migrate LPAR2RRD server product to other server then you have basically 2 possibilities:

Migration between same platforms

In this case you do not to do any data conversions. You can migrate AIX to AIX, Linux 32bit to Linux 32bit etc only.
  • Install and configure new LPAR2RRD server from scratch on the target location, follow install manuals, put crontab jobs ...
  • Attach (configure) all your technologies (you can copy configuration from old server /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/etc/web_config/hosts.json, keep proper file rights)
  • Copy over data directory (usually /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/data, do not use "mv" or "cp" commands due to used hard links, use tar/cpio
  • Redirect all OS agents if you use it to the target location (DNS change for example)
  • ./
  • Ctrl-F5 in the UI
  • You might need to copy over alerting, custom group and other configuration from etc/web_config as well
Although it looks like a simple task then there might appear several issues.
We provide all necessary support only to our customers under premium level support.

Migration to different architecture

In this case data must be converted. You can migrate AIX to Linux, Linux 32bit to Linux 64bit etc.
Data conversion must be scripted. "Rrdtool dump" on the source side and "rrdtool import" the target side.
This is complicated task. There is many of other difficulties like hard links inside etc.
We do not recomend it without deep knowledge of the tool itself.

We provide all necessary support and scripts only to our customers under premium level support.