Add/Remove/Rename servers

  • Add new server
    • HMC CLI (ssh) access
      Suppose you connect a new server to the HMC which is already under LPAR2RRD
      Only the thing you need to do is allow utilization data collection for that server
      Log on to the HMC and set sample rate to 60secs globally, then check whether it is ok
      hscroot@hmc1:~> chlparutil -r config -s 60  
      hscroot@hmc1:~> lslparutil -r config  -F name,sample_rate  
    • HMC REST API access
      Assure "All on" is set: HMC Management ➡ Operations ➡ Change Performance Monitoring Settings ➡ All On
      In this case new server appears automatically within next hour in the UI.
  • Remove old server
    • There is a functionality which should stop the server appearing in the WEB when it has not been updated for more than 10 days.
      It only stops the server from appearing on the web page, the data still persists there.
    • You might only exclude the server from procesing & displaing via directive MANAGED_SYSTEMS_EXCLUDE in etc/lpar2rrd.cfg.
    • complete removing include data:
      (there is one dir and one sym link to that, delete both)
      Remove server data and sym link pointing to the server directory
      cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
      $ ls -l data/<server>
      $ rm -rf  data/<server>
      $ rm data/<sym link to server dir>
      Then refresh source for the Web UI by:
      $ ./ html
      Reload the Web browser by Ctrl-F5
  • Rename the server
    You can rename the server whenever, LPAR2RRD recognizes the change automatically and updates the web page during next run. Nothing will be lost.