VMware performance monitoring

VMware performance monitoring

Tool is agent-less. All required data is downloaded from the management stations (vCenter or ESXi) via VMware Perl SDK.
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Monitoring resources

  • vCenter
  • Cluster
  • Resource Pool
  • Datastore
  • ESXi
  • Virtual Machine (VM)

Monitoring metrics

  • CPU performance (GHz, CPU cores, CPU ready)
  • Memory usage (reserved, granted, consumed, active, baloon, swap in, limit)
  • LAN performance in (MB/sec)
  • Disk performance (MB/sec, IO per sec, latency in ms)
  • Disk usage (GB)

Other features

  • vMotion graphical tracking
  • Trends
  • Historical reports
  • Custom Groups: grouping in one graph utilization from many virtual machines regardless where they run
  • Heatmap
  • Graph zooming
VMware performance monitoring system diagram

Feature matrix

vCenter Cluster Resource Pool ESXi VM Datastore
CPU total VMware CPU cluster total VMware CPU resource pool total VMware CPU host total VMware CPU VM total
CPU cluster aggregated VMware CPU vCenter cluster agg
CPU ESXi aggregated VMware CPU vCenter host agg VMware CPU cluster host agg
CPU VM aggregated VMware CPU vCenter VM agg VMware CPU cluster VM agg VMware CPU resource pool VM VMware CPU host VM aggregated
CPU ready VMware CPU ready aggregated VMware CPU ready aggregated
Memory total VMware Memory cluster total VMware Memory resource pool total VMware Memory host total VMware Memory VM total
Memory VM aggregated VMware Memory host agg
Network VMware Network host VMware Network VM total
Storage performance VMware Storage host VMware Storage VM total VMware Datastore performance
Storage allocation VMware Storage space usage VMware Datastore space usage
Power supply VMware Cluster Power
vMotion VMware vMotion VM

Collected data set can be enhanced about OS agent which brings these additional metrics:
OS CPU CPU sys, user, IO wait
CPU queue Load avrg, Blocked processes
JOB CPU, Memory
Memory utilization Used, FS cache
LAN (ethernet adapters) MB/sec, packet count
SAN (FC,vSCSI adapters) MB/sec, packets/sec, Latency
Paging space utilization Usage in %
Paging rate MB/sec
Filesystem usage Usage in %, GB