Monitoring: AIX, IBM i, VIOS, Linux on Power

AIX monitoring example

Tool gets data either from the HMC CLI (via SSH) or via HMC REST API.

Monitoring Resources

  • CPU pool
  • Shared Processor Pools
  • LPAR
  • Physical and Logical interfaces
  • HMC
  • Enterprise Pools 2.0 (PEP2.0)

Monitoring Metrics

  • CPU performance (CPU cores)
  • Memory allocation
  • Eth/FCS/SR-IOV/SAS/IVE adapter performance (MB/sec, IO per sec, Latency)

Other Monitoring Features

AIX monitoring diagram

Additional detailed OS data can be obtained from AIX / Linux and IBM i OS agents running in LPARs.
AIX/Linux/VIOS OS agent metrics:

OS CPU CPU sys, user, IO wait
CPU queue Load avrg, Blocked processes
JOB CPU, Memory
Memory utilization Used, FS cache, Pinned
LAN (ethernet adapters) MB/sec, packet count
SAN (FC,vSCSI adapters) MB/sec, IO/sec, Latency
Paging space utilization Usage in %
Paging rate MB/sec
Filesystem usage Usage in %, GB
Active Memory Expansion (AME) MB
Shared Ethernet Adapted (SEA) MB/sec, packet count
WPAR All OS agents metrics