IBM Power CPU monitoring

LPAR2RRD monitoring on LPAR, Server and Shared CPU Pool level these CPU metrics
  • CPU Phys: CPU physical allocation to LPAR, it is what you can see in LPAR2RRD
  • CPU Usage: real OS level CPU utilization = "CPU physical" - "CPU idle cycles"
  • CPU Virtual: number of virtual CPUs allocated for the LPAR
  • CPU Entitled: entitled CPU allocated for the LPAR
Note: this is available only throuh HMC REST API connection. HMC CLI (ssh) does not monitor 'Usage'.

Server Total
IBM Power CPU monitoring
IBM Power CPU LPAR monitoring

LPAR in CPU dedicated mode

If a LPAR is in CPU dedicated mode with keep idle procs then "CPU Phys" is equal "CPU Virtual" and it is a flat line in the graph.
Similary server "CPU Phys" contains

LPAR CPU dedicated example
You can see that "Phys", "Virtual" and "Entitled" are flat lines, 4 Cores
LPAR CPU dedicated example monitoring

LPAR CPU dedicated: Server CPU Total
You can see that "Phys" is much higher than "Usage" due to a LPAR with 1 CPU dedicated in "keep idle procs" mode
IBM Power CPU monitoring