How Live Partition Mobility (LPM) works in LPAR2RRD

  • There are 4 additional "LPM" graphs in LPM tab for each LPAR which has been anyhow migrated (LPM/off-line) in the past
  • Each LPM graph shows CPU utilization of a particular lpar in given time period. Servers where the lpar has been running are differentiated by colors.
  • Historical reports are LPM aware
  • Once the lpar is moved, then it immediately (next ./ run) disappears from the source system
  • LPAR2RRD initially graphs all past LPM actions which are found in your LPAR2RRD data history. It means you get graphed all LPM actions since LPAR2RRD has started data collection
LPM functionality is not freely available. It is provided only to customers under any level of support.

Example of historical report for lpar aix1 and 3 servers where it has been running in January
LPM example