Custom Groups

Custom Groups example    Custom Groups example
Custom Groups feature allows you group VMs or CPU pools into one aggregated graph. VMs or CPU pools could be from different physical servers. VMs can be member of more custom groups.

Typical usage

  • Grouping nodes of an active/active cluster to see total CPU utilization per all cluster nodes in one graph.
  • Grouping nodes of an active/passive cluster it might be useful, as you get total CPU utilization together for all nodes of the cluster (active and passives) no matter which one is actually active.
  • Grouping of application farms, environment landscapes (Production, testing, etc).

Grouping possibilities

  • CPU from different Servers/ESXi
    • CPU pool utilization
    • Memory allocation
  • VM/LPARs from different servers
    • CPU utilization
    • Memory allocation
    • Memory utilization
    • LAN throughput in MB/sec (all interfaces)
    • SAN throughput in MB/sec (all interfaces)
    • SAN throughput in IO per sec (all interfaces)


VIOS SAN throughput MB/sec
Custom group example 1
     VIOS SAN throughput IOPS
Custom group example2
     LPAR Memory utilization
Custom group example2

Further examples can be found on the product Free Demo