Active Directory support

Note this might be deprecated in the future. Use internal ACL authorization instead.

It is be fully supported in XorMon (LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD product application layer).

You can assign LPAR2RRD resources to already existing groups in AD which will be accessible (visible) only for users in particular groups.
One group is used for resource access administration in LPAR2RRD.

LPAR2RRD resources can be:
  • Single LPAR or list of LPARs
  • Complete server or list of servers
  • Single custom group or list of them
This allows you make visible only such LPAR2RRD resources which is every user authorized for.
You can allow to every particular department to see only resources which they are authorized without having full access to the product.

Detailed configuration and setup.

How it works

Active Directory schema