3.60 release contains following major enhancements (since latest stable 3.50):
  • Operating System agent for retrieving memory and paging utilization data from LPARs. It brings following:
    • OS memory usage graphs (LPAR detail page)
    • Paging activity graphs (LPAR detail page)
    • Paging activity alerting via alerting module
  • Data health check: once a day is checked if all data is regularly stored. List of all LPARs or CPU pools not being updated for more than 24h can be found: LPAR2RRD menu section → Data check.
  • RMC check: there is once a day checked if RMC connection to all LPARs is ok or not (Global → RMC check)
  • Custom groups now show together with CPU graphs also aggregated memory graphs
    • LPAR groups: allocated memory and OS memory graphs (if the OS agent is running there)
    • CPU pools: memory capacity for "ALL CPU Pools"
  • Custom groups - CPU pools: the line has been added with sum of all POOL entitlements (useful especially for licensing purposes)
  • Capacity on Demand graphs if that feature is used
  • LPAR search now searches even in current profile names (results are below LPAR name search results)
  • HMC totals (Global → HMC totals)
    • LPARs aggregated graphs per a HMC (useful for systems with CPU dedicated partitions where usual "HMC Totals" does not show dedicated partitions)
    • Summary of running LPARs and servers per a HMC is counted and graphed once a day
  • Global "Historical reports" has been enhanced about CPU pool historical graphs (only LPARs had been there before)
  • All trending graphs have now 3rd additional 30-day trend line (before just last year and last 3 months trends had been there)
  • ... and many smaller fixed and enhancements

We have set up new support channel via live chat
It is available 24 x 5.

Near future
  • custom groups CPU graphs based on rPerf benchmark
  • new UI

OS agent future
Its future depends on users feedback.
When that technology is something what users like then it could be easilly enhanced about:
  • FC stats
  • Network stats
  • VIOS: SEA and FC stats
  • iSeries / Power Linux agent port

Storage monitoring STOR2RRD recently announced support of IBM SVC and Storwize family storages.
Actual support matrix

LPAR2RRD 3.60 the enterprise edition for customers under support containing other benefits will be released on 13th November.

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