Small enhancements:
  • XLS export in historical reporting is available
  • WPAR aggregated graphs per LPAR
  • IBM i new graphs "ASP used in %", they are on the same tab as already existing "ASP used"
  • Fixed a bug from previous version where under very rare conditions LPAR2RRD could stop with message like this:
      No valid cpu data got from HMC :" : "Nov 24, 2016 2:57:18 PM" .....


  • VMware datastores with a space have not been listed in the UI
  • VMware: VM CPU Trend missed in the last version
  • OS agent for Solaris fixes


OS agent data SAN and SAN IO disappeared from the UI after 4.95 upgrade, fixed


It will be released at 24th of Oct 2016.
  • PDF reporting from historical reports. Examples: IBM Power , VMware , Custom group
  • IBM i OS agent enhancements:
    • Top 10 disks sorted per % busy, per system (all ASPs)
    • LAN statistics per interface, MB/sec, Packets/sec, Discarded packets/sec
    • Ready for automatic start within a subsystem (STRSBS)
  • VMware Datastores TOP, all datastores together in a table and graphs per read/write,IO/data VMware datastore agg ,used capacity VMware datastore agg
  • VMware VM search (at the top right corner in the UI)
  • CSV reports from OS agent data (AIX/Linux/IBM i) in historical reports
  • Solaris OS agent

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