This version contains following major enhancements:
  • CPU Configuration Advisor automatically verifies CPU logical setup of all your LPARs and POOLs based on historical utilization data
  • Every graph is now a link to a pop-up window which appears in 3 times bigger format with the same data
  • All 4 graphs of each LPAR have now the same upper limit
  • PureFlex support
  • Views are again always actual like it had been before 3.40 (since 3.40 views have been actualized once a day)
  • Has been a bit redesigned layout of graphs which produces CPU Workload Estimator
  • There is possibility to attach a picture with actual CPU load to each email alert.
    It is configurable in etc/alert.cfg via EMAIL_GRAPH parameter : 0 - false , last 1 - X hours included in the graph
  • And many other small changes and bug fixes ...

Known issues

  • Historical reports do not list LPARs if server's name contains characters like underscore, dash etc.
    Global Historical reports is not affected.
    It is fixed in 3.51. It can be donwloaded from development page.

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