New major version 4.70 coming mainly with:

  • Active Directory authentication and resource authorization. You can try it on HTTPS port of our live demo
  • LPARs aggregated example
    Clickable and sortable legends on all aggregated graphs
    (LPARs aggregated, Custom Groups, OS agent aggregated ones ...)
  • Custom Groups: UI based management live demo example
  • Enhanced Live Partition Mobility support for all kind of data include OS agent
  • Monitoring of CPU dedicated LPARs via the HMC (it has not been supported until now)
  • LPAR/WPAR aliasing in the UI

Our priority tasks for near future are:

  • VMware support is already under developed
  • RedHat KVM, QEMU and Xen support is already under development
  • New alerting solution
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You might not be aware of options which brings our support:

  • defined SLA's (we wil start troubleshooting within 1 working day for critical issues)
  • adjusting your data retention to whatever you wish
  • custom reports: we developing automatic batch jobs for regularly extract of specific data in required form (CSV) from LPAR2RRD. Customers use that data often for load into 3rd party products (usually some capacity planning tools or for accounting purposes)
  • you can initiate development of a new features, your requests will be prioritized
  • regular health checks

Success stories:


new version of our storage performance monitoring project will be released soon.
It will come with IBM XIV support and clickable and sortable legends of aggregated graphs.
Both is already visible on our demo.
We are working on IBM DS3000/4000/5000 support right now. It will be available soon.

Success stories:

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