This version contains just fixes and enhances "Physical and Logical cfg".

  • enhanced "Physical and logical configuration" page about global page with all HMC/IVM/SDMC and their servers in one page
  • fixed top10 page, where in dual HMC setup there were all lpars duplicated. More over now you can specify number of lpars there, so for top 20 set TOPTEN=20 in lpar2rrd.cfg.
  • shared pools disappeared in previous version from historical reports, it has been fixed
  • bug fixed in aggregated pool, this was in error log: "The command entered is either missing a required parameter or a parameter value is invalid. The parameters that are missing or have an invalid value are -r. Please check your entry and retry the command."
  • fixed automatic discovery renaming of servers, now it works again, when you change server name then lpar2rrd renames it automatically as well
  • fixed a bug when lpar2rrd did not work properly for servers with the space in their names

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