It is a minor version containing mostly only bug fixes.
You do not need to follow this upgrade if you do not find anything related to your environment.
  • VMware: alerting implemented for Linux OS agents under VMware (requires OS agent v5.05-2+)
  • OS agent AIX: VIO eth packet count metric has been added
  • OS agent AIX fix: pinned memory fox for large mem pages (affected since v4.95-7)
  • OS agent AIX WPAR fix: memory usage fixed (affected since v4.95-7)
  • OS agent Linux fix: memory buffers has been added to cached (FS cache)
  • ACL: enhancement which allows assign whole IBM Power or VMware user visibility include all submenus
  • JOB TOP several small fixes
  • IBM Power fix: Borrowed (not assigned) CPUs in a pool could be wrong as that metric is rounded by the HMC

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