v4.80 (22.10.2015)

New major version 4.80 coming mainly with:

  • VMware support
  • CPU Workload Estimator is enhanced about SMT based rPerf estimations
    It gives more accurate estimations based on SMT setting of the target and source systems
  • Custom Groups are enhanced about "set of custom groups"
    It allows grouping of custom groups in sets of them what might be useful especially when you have many of Custom Groups defined
  • Heatmaps feature has been introduced for CPU and Memory (IBM Power & VMware, LPARs/VMs and servers)
  • OS agent (upgrade to 4.80 version)
    • new metric: response times per FCS and vSCSI adapters
    • vSCSI adapter statistics (IO, data throughput, response time) can be found under SAN tabs in the UI
  • Alerting thresholds can be specified in "%"
  • Dashboard sharing: possibility to export dashboard setting and import it whenever else


Apart of standard installation package you can use a Virtual Appliance distributed as a VMware image. It contains installed and already configured LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD products with all their prerequisites.

Free download link
You can see all new features demo site


  • Extend VMware monitoring
  • RedHat KVM, QEMU and Xen support
  • Finishing of IBM i OS agent (expected at Jan 2016)
  • Distribution as a Docker image

STOR2RRD - Storage and SAN performance monitoring

New 1.20 version has been released:
  • SAN monitoring
  • IBM FlashSystem V9000 support
  • Alerting based on performance thresholds
  • Custom Groups : you can group whatever volume or SAN port in your environment and make performance aggregated graphs of them
  • Capacity reports: capacity usage of all attached storage in one view

You might not be aware of options which brings our support

  • SLA: next business day response time for critical issues
  • Regular health checks
  • Priority in implementation of new functionality which the customer requests
  • Creating customized reports based on the customer's requests
  • Enterprise edition of the product contains:
    • CPU Workload Estimator based on rPerf or CPW benchmark
    • Live Partition Mobility and generally LPAR migration support
    • Unlimited number of items in one Custom Group
 Value Added Reseller program is open for companies interested in becoming of our VAR in their countries
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 LPAR2RRD 4.80 the enterprise edition for customers under support containing further benefits will be released on the 5th Nov 2015.
 XORUX company has become an IBM Business partner and VMware partner
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