It brings a few fixes of v6.10 and these additional enhancements:
  • Dasboard: custom defined tabs
  • oVirt/RHV/XenServer: optimized back-end processing, it consumes now much less CPU resources
  • Solaris: LDOMs are sorted now under their CDOMs in the menu (it requires also Solaris OS agent upgrade to 6.11)
  • New menu style



  • Dashboard: it is fully customizable, users can change graph size, create groups, move graphs between groups, example
  • Heatmap: added visualization in sortable and filterable tables
  • IBM Power Systems: REST API: configuration enhanced about virtual networks, vSCSI, NPIV
  • VMware: support of folders (VM, Datastores)
  • VMware: table of VM usage space per cluster (VM SPACE)
  • VMware: CSV support in Reporter
  • Hyper-V menu structure is consolidated by usage tabs instead of menu items
  • Solaris: monitoring of Pools
  • Reporter: Solaris and Hyper-V support
  • Reporter: support for TOP10 (graphs in pdf)
  • Reporter: Resource config advisor CSVs are provided by Reporter
  • Custom groups: Hyper-V support
  • ACL: introduced read-only role, members can see everything but nothing can change
  • Many of small fixes and enhancements especially for these platforms:
    • IBM Power Systems: HMC REST API
    • Oracle Solaris
    • Microsoft Windows & Hyper-V
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