LPAR2RRD version 3.14 coming with Live Partition Mobility support.
More over it supports any kind of lpar migration in the environment.
It brings unique possibility to trace where each lpar was running in the time.

How Live Partition Mobility (LPM) works in LPAR2RRD

  • There are 4 additional "LPM" graphs for each lpars which has been anyhow migrated (LPM/off-line) in the past (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) and its complete CPU history on all servers where it has been running
  • Each LPM graph shows CPU utilization of a particular lpar in given time period. Servers where the lpar has been running are differentiating by colors.
  • Historical reports are LPM aware
  • Once the lpar is moved, then it immediately (next lpar2rrd run) disappears from the source system (before it took 10 days)
  • LPAR2RRD initially graphs all past LPM actions which are found in your LPAR2RRD data history. It means you get graphed all LPM actions since LPAR2RRD has started data collection
  • LPM functionality does not support trend graphs and export to CSV so far

LPM functionality is not freely available. It is provided only to customers under support.

Example of historical report for lpar aix1 and 3 servers where it has been running in January
LPM example

Near future

  • CPU workload estimator: it will bring possibility to choice whatever CPU pool and lpar(s) and create historical aggregated graph of them.
    This will be useful for any kind of lpar migration when you can check before the migration that the target server cope with future CPU load based on historical data.
  • CPU workload estimator will make estimation and graphs based on rPerf rather than on CPU cores. This allows you to get realistic view when you migrate a lpar between different IBM Power Systems™ servers.
  • All graphs will have possibility to switch to rPerf y-axis from standard CPU core. (rPerf is the relative performance metric for Power Systems servers)
  • Top 10 page will be counted in rPerf

CPU workload estimator will be licensed feature, available only for customers under support

Apart of LPM functionality there are many other changes coming with 3.14 version, check release notes for more.

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