It fixes 7.00 version:
  • VMware: every 10th of ESXi was skipped from getting of performance data
  • SAN multipath: AIX/Solaris table under LPAR/VM was broken


Newly supported technologies

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure


  • Oracle DB: Multitenant DB support
  • Oracle DB: Totals for all Databases
  • Oracle DB: Totals for defined DB groups
  • Oracle DB: Host Totals
  • Oracle DB: Custom groups
  • Oracle DB: Alerting
  • Oracle DB: fixed collection of Wait Clases (wrongly interpreted data)
  • IBM Power Systems: Smart Trends prediction based on machine learning algorithm
  • IBM Power Systems: LPAR graphs now contain Virtual CPU - a line representing maximum available limit
  • IBM Power Systems: Reporter: included already removed LPARs
  • MS Windows & Hyper-V: Heatmap
  • SAN multipath monitoring (AIX/Linux/Solaris)
  • UI: it is faster (more responsive) especially on AIX and nig environments
  • Alerting: Free Edition allows only 3 alerting items

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