LPAR2RRD version 3.50 coming with 2 major enhancements.

CPU Configuration Advisor

CPU Configuration Advisor automatically verifies CPU logical setup of all your LPARs and POOLs based on historical utilization data
It is something what points you to potential problems in CPU setup and advises you changes which should increase performance of the HW and logical partitions running there.
You will find it in the "GLOBAL" section.

3 times bigger graphs in a pop-up

Every graph is now a link to a pop-up window witch shows the same graph but in 3 times bigger format.
It helps in much better location of details in the graphs.

Other changes

  • All 4 graphs of each LPAR have now the same upper limit
  • PureFlex support
  • Views are again always actual like it had been before 3.40 (since 3.40 views have been actualized once a day)
  • There is possibility to attach a picture with actual CPU load to each email alert.
    It is configurable in etc/alert.cfg via EMAIL_GRAPH parameter : 0 - false , last 1 - X hours included in the graph

Value Added Reseller program

Our Value Added Resellers program is open
If you are interested to become LPAR2RRD VAR then follow Reselling page to find more details.

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