v5.00 (11.5.2017)

Main news are User ACL authorization, OS agent alerting and VMware enhancements.


  • Internal user management.
    You are be able to create users and groups in the tool and assign them rights based on ACL rules.
    (visibility of HMC/Servers/LPARs/clusters/VMs).

IBM Power Systems

  • Alerting
    • Configuration UI
    • Alerting based on OS agent performance data
      (memory utilization, paging, LAN, SAN, SAN IOPS, SAN response time)
    • SNMP trap
  • OS agent data: new LAN packets metric
  • TOP10 page is enhanced about TOP10 tables per IOPS, LAN [MB/sec] and SAN [MB/sec]


  • Much faster data read from vCenters as real time data is used only
  • No need to set up historical counter levels, all required data is available without any VMware counter changes
  • Newly collected and presented metrics
    • CPU ready: per VM and aggregated graph per cluster
    • Datastore IO latency
  • Resource Configuration Advisor: it runs once a day, analyzes collected data and highlights problems in the environments
  • Custom groups enhanced about additional metrics (Memory, LAN, SAN)
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Our storage performance monitoring tool STOR2RRD has been released v2.00 as well with these main news:
  • Support for EMC² VMAX
  • Support for DotHill AssuredSAN and its re-brands like HPE MSA P2000 and Lenovo S2200/S3200
  • HPE 3PAR re-implementation

You might not be aware of options which brings our support

  • SLA: next business day response time for critical issues
  • Regular health checks
  • Priority in implementation of new functionality which the customer requests
  • Creating customized reports based on the customer's requests
  • Enterprise edition of the product contains:
    • CPU Workload Estimator based on rPerf or CPW benchmark
    • Live Partition Mobility and generally LPAR migration support
    • Unlimited number of items in one Custom Group
    • Unlimited number LPARs/VMs in 1 PDF report
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 LPAR2RRD 5.00 enterprise edition for customers under support containing further benefits will be released on the 25th of May.
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