This version contains following major enhancements:
  • Runtime is now much faster (depends on your environment it can be 4 - 5 times!). Main reason is that all lpar graphs are not created in advance but on demand via web CGI-BIN when the lpar is selected.
  • There has been fixed many data related issues. The result is that the product should be much more robust even against various HMC data inconsistencies.
    If you see time to time some gaps in your data then definitely go for this upgrade!
  • Has been fixed long data load of servers with hundreds of lpars. It could take hours under particular conditions. Now it takes minutes.
  • The product now supports lpar rename! When you rename a lpar then LPAR2RRD recognizes that and renames that internally as well so the new lpar name will have data history of the original lpar name.
  • ... a lot of bug fixes and other small improvements have been done. We definitely recomend the upgrade.

Known issues

  • Servers (managed systems, not lpars) with a space withing the name are not correctly handled. Ask for the fix or wait for the next release.
  • LPAR detail graphs are not displayed and log/error-cgi.log contains:
    String found where operator expected at /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/bin/ line 417, near "case "d""
    (Do you need to predeclare case?)
    It is a general problem with Perl "switch", seen that at Perl 5.10.1.
    Ask for the fix or wait for 3.41 or higher version
Both issues are fixed in 3.42 which is already released.

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