Support for new technologies


  • IBM Power: overview of IBM i LPARs
  • IBM Power: support for Power10 in CPU Workload Estimator
  • IBM Power: HMC can be defined as a secondary/backup, no data doubling
  • IBM Power: HMC time zone aware data store in UTC
  • VMware: overview feature provides cluster performance and configuration overviews in defined time range
  • VMware: included OS agent data included in historical report
  • Oracle Database: DB TOP added
  • Oracle Database: storage capacity usage graphs
  • PostgreSQL: DB TOP added
  • Nutanix: accelerated data fetching and saving & 2016xxxx version support
  • Nutanix: VM top added
  • Proxmox: VM top added
  • Proxmox: custom groups added
  • Linux OS agent 7.30: added CPU core and GHz utilization graphs for Linux (x86 only)
  • XenServer (Citrix Hypervisor, XCP-ng): improved performance
  • Security fixes
    • CVE-2021-42372: Input field SNMP community string in "UI ➡ Alerting ➡ Options HW event" was not properly handled what could lead to remote command injection
    • CVE-2021-42371: Docker does not contain hardcoded password for lpar2rrd user
    • CVE-2021-42370: The UI does not contain plain password in HTML "password" input fields in the device properties

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