v6.15 (20 Feb 2020)

Main news is updated UI design.

New features

  • Updated UI design
  • OS agent: new metric CPU Queue: load average, blocked processes / raw / direct IO
  • Linux stand-alone: added Custom Group support
  • Linux stand-alone: Historical reports
  • Many smaller fixes and enhancements for all supported platforms
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Check our demo site to see new features.

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Under development

Both will be released in Q2 2020.

Our Storage Performance Monitoring Tool STOR2RRD has been also updated to v2.70.


XorMon will be a merge of LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD.
It will provide you with complete performance and mapping overview from the OS (VM) level across virtualization layers, SAN and storages. Beta release is expected soon (March 2020).

You might not be aware of options which our support brings

  • Support with next business day response
  • Reporter feature: unlimited number of reports with possibility to automate their run
  • Ad hoc historical reporting including XLS/PDF/CSV output
  • CPU Workload Estimator based on rPerf or CPW benchmark
  • Live Partition Mobility and generally LPAR migration support
  • Proxy Agent feature
  • Unlimited number of items in one Custom Group
LPAR2RRD 6.15 Enterprise edition for customers under support containing further benefits will be released on the 12th of Apr.
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