LPAR2RRD version 3.30 coming with 2 major enhancements.

Enhanced CPU Workload Estimator

You can now make estimation for new servers (complete IBM Powerâ„¢ product line). It is no longer restricted only to already existing servers in your environment.
Now there is another panel, with list of complete IBM Powerâ„¢ server line. You can select as the target server either a new server from that new left panel or use already existing server or pool from the middle panel.
That means that you are now able to do estimation for future CPU load of servers before you order a new HW!! All based on your actual CPU workload
This enhancement is useful especially with usage of rPerf/CPW benchmark based estimations available only in the enterprise edition of LPAR2RRD.

Active Memory Sharing support

This version implements two new memory graphs:

  • AMS aggregated graphs for systems where this functionality is used
  • Aggregated graphs - static. It is aggregated graph of memory allocation of all lpars per a server. Note it is just memory allocation not real usage by the OS.
Graph examples and summary of memory monitoring in LPAR2RRD.

You might try both new functionalities on Live demo site.

Near future

  • Actually is priority 1 finishing the first release of LPAR2RRD for storage with IBM DS8k support.
  • Implementation of regular expression for names of servers and lpars in alerting.
  • Live Partition Mobility support for custom groups and alerting.

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