• VMware VSAN datastores support
  • VMware VM search implemented (search form at the top right corner)
  • IBM Power: CPU dedicated partition after LPM might stopped to show utilization in the UI, fixed
  • IBM Power alerting: support for CPU dedicated LPARs


  • VMware: when more than 64 VMs in a cluster, then Cluster CPU total did not work for some particular VMware releases
  • VMware: was speeded up
  • IBM Power: WPARs missed in the menu
  • IBM i: global historical reports working now


Main news is IBM i OS agent. The OS agent is written in C language. It is running on IBM i operating system where regularly collects performance data and transfers to the LPAR2RRD server where data is saved and graphically presented through the web UI.

List of enhancements and new features:

IBM Power

  • IBM i OS agent
  • Custom Groups
    • Trend graphs for CPU tabs
    • LPAR graphs contain line "Total entitled processors cores"
  • MAX: maximum is graphed apart of average line for CPU pools and HMC total
  • And many smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Historical reports
  • Custom Groups
  • TOP10 VM table per average CPU utilization

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