• Alerting
    • ServiceNow integration
    • Jira integration
    • Option to define severity of configured alerts
    • Option to set up SMTP server manually
    • OracleDB: tablespace alerting
    • AIX / Linux: implemented alerting for disk multipath fails

  • IBM Power Systems
    • New "Volume ID" table in Configuration, with all storage volume IDs used
    • Added new Power10 servers rPerfs into CPU Workoad Estimator
    • Added NMON-based TOP10
    • Many smaller fixes especially for REST API-based HMC access

  • VMware
    • CPU Ready total [%] added into main VM CPU graphs
    • Added "Volume ID" column into datastore table in Configuration
    • Added provisioned and used space into VM table in Configuration

  • oVirt / RHV
    • Support for RHV due to changes in the RHV API
    • New storage-capacity table grouped by VM in Configuration

  • Oracle Solaris
    • SARMON: added IOPS, Latency and Data throughput
    • SARMON: historical reporting now based on its data

  • Microsoft Windows / Hyper-V
    • Added latency for each host
    • Added latency for each disk
    • Added paging2

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