• Product left menu could not be created or updated under some circumstances, fixed
  • Linux heatmap fix


Support for new technologies

  • IBM Db2


  • IBM Power Systems
    • AIX FC errors in graphs (FC physical adapters only)
    • HMC REST API: code optimization to use much less of CPU (fixed issues from v7.50)

  • VMware
    • VMware vCenter 8 support
    • Power supply usage graphs per ESXi and Total
    • VMWARE heatmap: VM MEM table ➡ MEM Baloon column added

  • oVirt / RHV
    • Mapping of OS agent data from RHV based Windows VMs under the RHV VM menu tree
    • Enhanced Configuration tables

  • OpenShift/Kubernetes:
    • Custom Groups per node and namespaces
    • Total graphs per all pods (not aggregated)

  • Oracle VM: historical reporting
  • OpsGenie alerting support

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