New version 4.00 coming with following major enhancements:
  • Operating System agent enhancements.
    OS agent v4.00 is able to monitor now:
    • OS CPU utilization of user/sys/IO wait/idle in %
    • Memory utilization of used/pinned/fs cache/free memory in MB (v3.60)
    • Paging rate in MB/sec (v3.60)
    • Paging space utilization in %
    • SAN (fiber channel) throughput in MB/sec per adapter
    • SAN (fiber channel) throughput in IO/sec per adapter
    • LAN (ethernet) throughput in MB/sec per adapter
    • SEA (Shared Ethernet Adapter) throughput in MB/sec per adapter (only on VIO servers)
    • AME (Active Memory Expansion) allocation
    • Report paging activity which exceeds a threshold via alerting module (v3.60)

  • OS agent now supports:
    • AIX 5.1+
    • Linux on Power
    • It is able to report CPU utilization for CPU dedicated LPARs
      (it is not possible monitor them via the HMC)
    • LPARs not being managed by the HMC (targeted mainly to old IBM Power 4/5 full partition stuff)

  • Configuration Advisor enhancements:
    • Memory Configuration Advisor: a new feature which makes recommendations for memory changes based on the OS agent data (memory utilization, paging rate and allocation)
    • CPU advisor: it reports unused entitlement which is possible to be reduced with affecting of anything
    • CPU advisor: output can be exported into CSV file

  • Historical reports works with the OS agent data
  • Paging rate aggregated graphs per the server (frame).
    It brings you easy possibility to check on 1 click if any LPAR is paging or has paged in the past.
  • the UI has been re-designed with usage of Java script features like tabs.
  • "LPAR search" supports regular expressions

Complete list of product features.
You can test new features on live demo

  • VMware porting is still open.
    Feel free to let us know if that is something what you wish to have in the product via
  • Brand new UI (Q2 2014)
  • Authentication and authorization will come together with the new UI
    (you will be able to define what information will be provided for ever user)
  • Support of WPARs via the OS agent (Q2 2014)
  • HMC monitoring itself: CPU, Memory, Paging (Q2 2014)
  • OS agent data export into CSV
  • Custom Groups CPU graphs based on rPerf benchmark
  • Custom Groups enhanced about OS agent data

Value Added Reseller partnership

We have got actually VAR representatives in these countries: More on our partners site. Further partners are welcome!

Our storage monitoring product STOR2RRD actually supports IBM SVC and IBM Storwize family storages.
We are actually working on IBM XIV support. Actual support matrix

LPAR2RRD 4.00 enterprise edition for customers under support containing further benefits will be released on 26th March.

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